We, Team Zeba, provides complete solution for all your laboratory Engineering needs.

Our technicians are committed to deliver user friendly and appropriate work place to suit any requirement of laboratory furniture. We have appropriate solutions for every type of labs depending on the purpose,
the available area and budget, without compromising on the quality.

We strive to deliver profitable solutions for your most coveted workplace where you brew your success

Field of Services

We are Specialized in Commissioning of Laboratories for Various Discipline such as

Our Existence

" We, Team Zeba Realize That, Our Business Is A Value Creation Process. We Are Aware That Our Existence Is Based On The Value We Create To Our Internal As Well As External Customers And Stake Holders. Our Uniqueness In Delivering Value Compared To Our Competitors Is Our Growth And Success. "

Managing Director

Our Core Values

"Team Zeba is the personification of four basic principles of ZEBA: 'Zeal', 'Endurance', 'Brilliance' and 'Achievement'.Team Zeba Intend to create synergy by integrating the four principles with our core values. We have identified seven core values for 'ZEBA tians' that we define as '7i's' .