Worktops are the most used part of a laboratory furniture. Hence, it shall be selected carefully to suit the application, chemical resistance, thermal stability, impact resistance, durability, ease of sterilization, aesthetics and cost effectiveness.

We have various types of worktops available such as:

Trespa – The innovative solutions for scientific workstations. The products are developed for most demanding functional and scientific applications by combining prime requirements such as chemical resistance, high durability and hygiene. Trespa Toplab PLUS® is developed with EBC (Electron Beam Curing) technology. The result is a closed non- porous surface with excellent smoothness, cleanability and chemical resistance. This versatile quality makes it most suitable for laboratory worktop for various disciplines.

The advantages are :

• Excellent chemical resistance 

• Easy to clean

• Does not support bacterial growth 

• Excellent Impact Resistance

• Moisture Resistant

• Scratch Resistant

• Strong, yet light weight 

• Large Panels to minimise joints